Cross Platform Mobile Development / 404-550-6287 Call Us!!!
Cross Platform Mobile Development / 404-550-6287 Call Us!!!
Cross Platform Mobile Development / 404-550-6287 Call Us!!!

At Anderson Taylor, we provide mobile application suites for enterprises.

We concentrate on this core purpose with an unrelenting focus on innovation and customer satisfaction. Everyone can see the mobile computing environment has undergone tremendous change in recent years. We can see how it will change in the future. We plan to continue to use this insight to ensure confidence in our clients and provide technology that surpasses expectations of today’s mobile connected world.

Delivering an online experience that produces goal driven results takes planning, skilled execution and maintenance . To plan an online experience our team combines visual, technological and statistical practices . We utilize these creative and informative design practices to develop a solution that fulfills the established goals of our clients . The combination of our experience, design and technology will produce an online experience that works to satisfy the goals set forth for the project and the experience of the end user.

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5 Cross-Platform Mobile Development Tools You Should Try Aug 11, 2010 … Cross-OS platforms for mobile development offer an excellent alternative to ignoring one mobile OS in favor of…/cross-platform-mobile-development-tools/ – Cached – SimilarRhomobile | Cross-Platform Mobile App DevelopmentCross-platform mobile app development is fast and easy with Rhodes – the open source mobile app framework. Create native apps for all – Cached – SimilarMoSync SDK – the open source solution for cross-platform mobile …MoSync with its Cross platform development product is one of the 33. alex’s picture. Micke’s talk on Lua for Mobile. 25 March, 2011 – 18:01 SimilarNews for Cross Platform Mobile Development Building the Case for Cross-Platform Mobile Development in Visual. NET developers a chance to make a quick move into cross-platform mobile development by lowering the learning curve of the native APIs and by helping to. Redmond Developer News (blog) – 4 related article Adobe launches Flex and Flash Builder software for cross-platform. Computerworld The Only Open Source Mobile Framework That Supports 6 Platforms PhoneGap is an … Thu, Apr 14, 2011 Mobile App Development Training with – Cached Get more results from the past 24 hours What work has been done on cross-platform mobile development. Have any well-documented or open source projects targeted iPhone, See also: Mobile application development – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to Platform development environment‎: Each of the platforms for mobile applications also has an integrated development environment which provides /Mobile_application_developmentn Retrospection: Cross-Platform Mobile Development at EclipseCon Mar 24, 2011 … Yesterday, Peter and I talked about “Cross-Platform Mobile Development with Eclipse” at EclipseCon in Mobile Application Development Platform | WorkLightThe leading mobile application development platform for mobile devices. Create cross-platform apps at reduced development cost, time to market Cross-Platform Mobile Development with PhoneGap – O’Reilly Media Learn how to use your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills to build innovative, device-neutral mobile apps that work on the iPhone, Android, Pre, and Blackberry. – Cached – Similar EDGELIB — Cross-platform mobile development at your fingertips EDGELIB is the most powerful, true multi-platform game engine for mobile devices. The EDGELIB platform, written from scratch in C++, enables you to produce

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