Hello, this is David Grubb from Shepherds Loft. We would like to announce that we have better email delivery.

Email Delivery Importance

We understand that getting emails into your email box from your website form is very important. We have a new technology that will that is faster and more reliable it’s faster because you’re basically sending emails from yourself to yourself and that puts the emails in your box almost instantly.

Likewise, when the emails are sent internally they bypass the spam filters when emails are currently sent from a third party from the website or some other sender then the spam filters will either put them in the emails in the spam box or they will delete them entirely.

It’s An Affordable Feature To Add

So you’re missing out on those emails notifications from your website if you don’t use this technology. And, you’re really missing out on those customer notifications from your website form and potentially losing business. This technology is very affordable it could increase your annual income by ten percent. If you’re making a hundred thousand a year that’s ten thousand dollar improvement in your business and your bottom line.

Shepherds Loft is charging one hour to configure this new technology in your website to improve your website email delivery from your website forms. Please visit shepherdsloft.com to book an appointment and choose option number four website changes. We look forward to helping you put this new technology in thank you.

What Is Email Delivery?

Standard Email Delivery is when an email is sent to a receiving mail server over SMTP. The mail server then chooses whether or not it would like to accept the message. This happens before the message is placed in the inbox or spam folder.

How reliable is email delivery?

First: email never was and never will be 100% reliable. However, until very recently, you had every expectation that email would arrive at its intended destination, probably with even more reliability than a letter sent by postal mail. … Email is no longer a safe method of communication.

Is Email reliable anymore? – AP Lawrence https://www.aplawrence.com › Blog

How are emails transmitted?

Once an email is composed and the send button is clicked, the message is sent to the Mail Transfer Agent (MTA). This communication is done via the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). The SMTP queries the Domain Name System (DNS) to find the address of the recipient. https://www.namecheap.com/hosting/how-does-email-work/

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