Updated Website Hosting Terms

Website forms have always been a challenge. We have faced many issues with website forms from entry to delivery. Two primary issues with forms are delivery and blocking spam. The goal is to allow and deliver legitimate emails and block the spammers. The results are...

2 Great Ways To Boost Your Business in 2022

2 Great Ways To Boost Your Business in 2022

Shepherds Loft Work Schedule Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Shepherds Loft will be closed for Christmas, Dec. 20th - 24. Our normal office hours are 9 to 5 pm daily. We strive to prevent websites from ever going down so that you can rest easy. And, we can too, on...

Fall 2021 Website Support Schedule and Services

Thanksgiving Holiday Support Schedule We will be closed Thursday and Friday, Nov. 25th, and 26th. We will be performing support via email Mon. - Wed. but we will not be accepting any appointments that week. You can also submit your request via the website form to...

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