Content Violations

The following video gives clear insight on how to market your website with content. Consistently publishing content to your website directly impacts your search engine results. Regular, original content pushes your website higher in the search results.

Duplicate Content

Google gives some very specific guidelines on how NOT to use the same content on a website or distribute to many websites. WordPress uses custom post types such as blog posts and projects which are standard. These post types can be used by modules on other parts of the website as excerpts which is great and helps internal linking. However, showing the full article instead of just the excerpt will create large blocks of duplicate content. It is important to know what your WordPress reading settings are.

Read more about duplicate content

Deleting/Removing Old Content

We have had our website online for a long time. It did not take much research to discover that hanging on to old content is not helpful. Just as publishing new content on a regular basis is important, so is removing out-of-date or low-traffic pages. Another approach is to re-purpose and re-publish content, making it relevant once again. Adding more value to an article and bringing it up-to-date is two fold: removing a low-quality page and turning it into a potentially high quality, traffic page. This article is our example. Since quality content is becoming more important to stay ahead of the pack, we decided to re-purpose it.

SEO Friendly > User Readable Website

This is very simple: do what’s right! Use only the main keyword phrase and the related keywords in the meta tag. Put your audience first and focus on giving value. Promote your website through social networks and email. If your page does not appear on the menu then why do you have it?

Read Steps to a Google-friendly site 

Keyword Density

SEOBOOK has been one of my favorite tools for over seven years. This video gives you a great explanation of designing content for users vs. search engines. The key purpose here is that the content is related. For instance, I am sharing SEO tips with you because WordPress is the most SEO friendly CMS out-of-the-box, meaning that if you do nothing with keywords on your WordPress website you will be better off than just using basic HTML.

Here is a link to the Keyword Density Analyzer

Content Conclusion

Over the past few months I have sporadically added more content to this website. In total this website now has far fewer pages with more content per page than ever before. I have noticed a huge jump in rankings which is primarily coming from adding more content to the home page. Therefore, it’s not about the SEO, it’s about the on-page content. 75% to 80% of SEO is the readable content on the page.


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