Hello, this is David Grubb from Shepherds Loft. We are celebrating 20 years of Maintenance FREE WordPress, business this June (2020) and we would like to give you a discount on two new packages. (NO COUPON REQUIRED)

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The two new packages are the shopper and the marketer. The shopper is designed for a business that has e-commerce on their website the marketer is designed for business and offers a service that qualifies customers.

Both of these two new packages include three components: the design, the optimization, and the customer conversion. You can either purchase the package as a whole or you can purchase the components individually.

If you have a business that’s been around for more than three or four years or if it’s been three or four years since you designed your website then you may want to just buy the whole package. If it’s been less than three or four years then you can buy the individual components that you have not had before.

Book a free appointment today and receive your coupon, thanks. *The coupon is required for the purchase of individual components below. The coupons will expire June 26th, 2021. You must be a current customer or purchase a WordPress Management plan for your WordPress website.

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