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Hello, this is David Grubb from Shepherds Loft. We have some announcements for you today about our staff, products and offerings.

Staff Announcements

First, the staff announcements, we have two new staff members. Amy is now our new account executive. She will be in charge of our customer service portal as well as the maintenance plans.

Then also, Natalie is our new story brand builder. She will be helping us with new web design projects to help customers build their stories for our website builds.

Product Announcements

Our new products are… we have maintenance plans and bundles available. For those maintenance plans we have several options: 1/2 hour per month, 1 hour per month or 1 hour week (4 hours per month).

We have several plans there available for you. We can do things like manage your site quality and make improvements there, monitor your keyword phrases for SEO and make improvements there that we recommend, and adding new content, testimonials, FAQs, or blog articles. So, all those are available through our maintenance plans.

And, finally, we have our new bundles available. if you would like to add on a maintenance plan? We can bundle that with your current hosting plan so that you only have one payment, making it really convenient so you can know how much that amount is each month instead of having separate subscription with us each month. It makes the billing easy and consolidated for you. Also, you can mix and match those. Feel free to reach out to us and let us know what best fits your business.

New non-profit offering

And, finally, we have a new offering for our non-profits.

This is a very limited offering. *We will not accept more than one non-profit web design project per month.

We are going to build new web design websites for non-profits new and existing customers
that requires the non-profit to do two things purchase or upgrade to our business management/hosting plan then also… sign up to… our Give Back Fundraiser

The Give Back Fundraiser, is a really good program. It’s where we give donations back to the non-profit every quarter based on their referrals to us at Shepherds Loft

Recap of the announcements

Those are our announcements today. New staff members, welcome Amy and Natalie. Our new products are maintenance plans and bundles. Then also our new offering, free web design for non-profits, who sign up for a Business hosting/management plan.

Thank you for listening and I hope to talk to you soon.

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