Last Summer, many of you, Shepherds Loft’s customers, purchased BBQ sponsorships and tickets to support Scouting in Ellijay. Thank you so much for that support because both of my two boys are still in Scouting.

Shepherds Loft is happy to announce that we partnering with local BSA 440 Units. 440 has a Cub Scout Pack, BSA Boy Troop, and BSA Girl Troop. All three units are located in North GA’s city of Ellijay, Gilmer County.

As the owner of Shepherds Loft, I have been involved in BSA Scouting as an adult in Gilmer county since 2009. Serving as Den Leader, Asst. Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Committee Chair, Community Organization Representative, and now the Scout Executive for the mountain district. The mountain district is comprised of four counties; Gilmer, Fannin, Union, and Towns. These four counties are a small part of the Northeast Georgia Council.

Shepherds Loft believes in leadership which is what Scouting is all about. We work with customers, partnering with them, to become leaders in their profession. We help them become leaders in their industry by building websites that have a purpose. In Scouting, we say “walk with a purpose”. Likewise, Shepherds Loft believes in developing the character and leadership skills of young people.

Recently, we hired two Eagle Scouts, who are now in college pursuing technology degrees. The leadership skills they learned in Scouting make them the best teammates for our small web design business.

We hope through our partnership with 440 Units that we can give back to the community in a big way. Helping these 440 units raise money will allow them to develop leadership skills and have fun in outdoor activities.

Shepherds Loft’s primary customer base is outdoor and home-related services which make BSA Scouting a great match. The best part of Scouting is being outdoors together, learning, and having fun.

Recently, 440 started a BSA Girl Troop, the first one of its kind in the county and mountain district.

In the Summer of 2023, we will want your help again. Until then, Thank You again for your support in business and Scouting.

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