Website forms have always been a challenge. We have faced many issues with website forms from entry to delivery. Two primary issues with forms are delivery and blocking spam. The goal is to allow and deliver legitimate emails and block the spammers.

The results are fewer spam messages in the customer’s email box and a higher notification delivery rate. In addition, having tighter restrictions on forms reduces security issues and the abuse of our server resources.

We started our battle with forms by using a professional plugin that we could use to standardize the construction of website forms. Since then we have learned that well-written calls to action on buttons with links to website forms and avoiding the use of generic terms like “contact” have the biggest impact on increasing a customer’s leads and greatly reducing spam.

Two other key aspects for delivering these legitimate leads are website verification and the use of matching email addresses.

When we verify the email delivery software’s connection between the website and DNS the forms have a better chance of getting delivered. When the website is sending an email from an email address that matches the website domain name there are fewer chances that the email will arrive in the spam box.

As the battle continues, we have had to take immediate action and add to the terms for services that would ensure customers receive the best website care.

Please read about the new additions to Shepherds Loft terms regarding email services, DNS management, domain name registration, maintenance, software licenses, and refunds.

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