Wordpress CompatibilityNo, there are no guarantees. IE is just as much a problem as it ever was to develop for. Every time web browsers are upgraded there is a possibility of something not being compatible. On the other hand, premium WordPress design themes tell you which browsers they are compatible with. And, I am hoping these premium WordPress design themes will be more compatible for a longer period of time.

Another benefit of WordPress is that the design themes are completely separate from the contents, giving us the flexibility to change them with very little cost to you. Re-programming a design to be compatible would be exponentially more expensive.

Statistically speaking, web designs are should be changed every one to two years because that is about the rate of advancement for technology. So, if we can go two years on the current web design then we are doing good. IE just launched a new browser this past year making some design themes out dated. So it’s an issue we will have to examine whenever Microsoft launches a new browser.

Shepherds Loft, is committed to providing you great service and we are currently working to check every website to make sure your customers can see all your information. If  you would like for us to purchase, install and modify your design theme then take a look at our Web Design Packages.

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