Gravity Forms Prevent SPAM

Preventing spam is a real issue. You have a couple of options here: Google Captcha and the Gravity Forms built-in honeypot. Perhaps, depending on your level of traffic, you may want to leverage the built-in honey pot as a standard approach. The Gravity Forms built-in honey pot is hidden, resulting in easier use by the visitor. The Google captcha is extremely prejudiced against spam, but is sometimes quit painful for the user.

Gravity Forms Email Notifications

In the past, notifying more than one email address was difficult, but not anymore, thanks to Gravity Forms. The underlining issue here is really your server’s configuration for sending email. If your server is does not have the capability to send an email, you will need a combination of a plugin like Postman and a Sendgrid account. While this can quickly get confusing for the beginner, all of our WordPress installations come with the email notification delivery combination already configured and working.

Gravity Forms: Change the Field Size or Height

Changing the field size and height is a very nice and simple feature added to the custom form builder by Gravity Forms. However, if you are looking for some custom styling you will need to look at adding the Gravity Forms Custom Styles Plugin.

Gravity Forms – MailChimp

This is a must-have! The Gravity Forms MailChimp add-on is easy to set up and use. Once you purchase and install your Gravity Forms plugin then go to Forms > Add-ons and activate.

Gravity Forms – Two Columns

Changing the layout of your form from one column to two columns is very simple once you know the style. (I never can seem to remember gf_left_half and gf_right_half.) But once you know that just put the style in the custom CSS field under appearance and it’s good to go.

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