WordPress Performance can mean many things.

ways to give your WordPress Website an edge

The above image gives you some simple tips but in this article I am going to cover some very simple basic steps that you do yourself. These steps will help your WordPress performance by being more searchable, secure, fast, and engaging.

First of all let me tell you how important it is to own your own website. When you advertise and market on other platforms like google, yelp or Facebook, you need to remember that you don’t own them. They are just marketing platforms that can help you drive traffic. The best value that you are going to get from your investment is going to be in your own website. If you have a WordPress I want to give you these four easy steps that will give your WordPress performance have an edge. 

  1. Change the title of your WordPress so it can be more searchable
  2. Change your discussion settings to make it more secure
  3. Reduce images or reduce the size the images on the home page to make it run faster
  4. Add a button above the fold to engage your customers more

Let’s dive into some of those details.

Title Settings

1) Change the title of your WordPress so it can be more searchable

go to settings > general

At the very top, there are two fields that you can fill out. The first one is the Title. A lot of people put their company name in the title field which people may not be searchable for unless they have a big brand.

The Title Field

What you really want to put into that title field is your primary keyword phrase. If you put your primary keyword phrase in the title field then anything you add to the website is going to push that keyword phrase forward toward the top of the search engines. It is better to put what you want to be found or searched for instead of the name of your business.

I like to use the contact page to optimize as the name of my company or business. If some one googles my company’s name then they will find my contact page. But if they are looking for the type of services that I offer then they will find my home page.

Slogan Field

Below the title field is the slogan field which is a great place to put your missions statement, that tells the customer what you do, how you do it and why.

Discussion Settings

2) Change your discussion settings to make it more secure

In the same section, go to settings > discussion.

Default Article Settings

You want uncheck all the boxes on the top. Because This is how automation happens. These are ping backs and people gain links back to their website. if you are not running a true blog then you want to turn all these off.

Other Comment Settings

Check all of these and reduce the timeline to 1 day.

Before A Comment Appears

In the last section you want to check both of those boxes, You want to make sure you are approving any comments before they ever appear on the website.

This kinda gives you settings are a simple way to secure your WordPress website. Believe me every single thing that you can do to make your WordPress customized or unique to you will help your security

reduce image sizes

3) Reduce images or reduce the size of the images on the home page to make it run faster

There is a simple tool that you can use. Google “PageSpeed Insights”. Then put your website address into that field and it will give you a score. There are two tabs; mobile and desktop. Click on desktop you can scroll down and look for optimize images. It will give you a complete list of all images and how much savings you can get out of optimizing those images.

go back to your website and either eliminate the large ones or reduce the size by scaling them down. Typically, if you are using a full size banner you only need about 1080 pixels wide.

Call to action

4) Add a button above the fold to engage your customers more

This is very simple, add a button that is a call to action or simple as having a little round button or a scroll down button that is clickable and it scrolls down the page. It is a very simple way to allow the customer to scroll down for more information.

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