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Local businesses are the heart of our economy – you need a website that is going to help generate leads, make sales, or bring customers to your door. We strive to launch every website with a A rating. Then, we analyze and grade every year to see where it can be improved.

Average Web Design Grade

We believe that every local business deserves an A-rated website that will help their business grow.

Average SEO Score

Get the most rankings from your website.
Our goal is to optimize your SEO so that your website gets found more often.

Average Website Speed

For just a few hours per year, your website speed and mobile view can reach peak performance.


Every website is cleaned, secured, protected, and backed-up.


Weekly cleaning of spam comments, revisions, and database table overhead.


Adjusts to fit on mobile phones and tablets.

Worry Free

Complete web hosting: upgrades to PHP, WordPress Core, Database, Theme, and Plugins.


Standard marketing integrations and add-ons like social media follow/share and SEO.

Hosting Support

Ticket system with up-time monitoring and break/fix repair.

Web Hosting For WordPress

WordPress vs other private, unique systems.

The key difference is marketing power. When you use WordPress, you have more options, integrations, and results. Not to mention the best out-of-the-box SEO advantages and well-documented ease of use.

And, WordPress is the most popular CMS on the planet. Being open-source means that there is a community behind the system that can help support, train, and market your web presence better.

To take advantage of this powerful website software you need a proven web hosting company.

It is important to note that we are talking about WordPress.org vs. WordPress.com. The main difference between the two is who is actually hosting your site.

With WordPress.org you are hosting your own site (through Shepherds Loft) vs. their servers. A few benefits of “self-hosting”: no ads, no restriction on analytics, and plugins are allowed.

In order to use the dot-com version effectively you would have to pay for premium upgrades (to remove ads, use your own domain name…) that aren’t cost-efficient. 

Web Design Reviews

testimonial page

"SL brought our website back to life. The phone rings more often with callers saying they found us online! Further, the contacts through the web email form have picked up also.

A website can be pretty and sexy but does not make the phone ring. SL was able to accomplish both, a job well done by David and his team."


BRM Connected Homes

"Love, love, love Shepherds Loft. I knew next to nothing about web design and what it actually takes to build a website. David put everyone on my team that I would need right down to giving me someone who would keep up with my social media needs. Need a logo? Yep, he’s got someone!

Thanks to all of you at Shepherds Loft, just as you predicted the hits started coming! Thank you for your kind patience with me as I learned to settle back and just let the process work. Would recommend you guys to anyone." 

Evon Creamer

Landscape Design Innovations

testimonial page

"...they are managing three different websites of ours. During that time we have experienced improved performance of our website and have received outstanding customer service."

Isaac Lassiter


"After being in business for 22 years, I engaged Shepherds Loft to create my 5th generation website. I needed a site that was intuitive, visually stimulating and agile.

They hit the ball out of the park! We have been getting very positive feedback from our viewers and have seen an appreciable increase in traffic. Just what I was looking for…"

Michael Grant


Web Design Agency Team Members

We have been building websites for over 20 years, helping hundreds of customers conquer website technology and achieving a 95% ready-to-launch rate in 30 days.


Rural Workers

Rural Workers for Local Businesses

We are committed to hiring young professionals in rural areas; we train our team to work with you to design the best website for your local business.

This keeps our web design prices affordable and allows our young professionals to live and thrive in these rural areas.

David Grubb

David Grubb

web designer

Allen Schultz

Allen Schultz

web developer

William Grubb

William Grubb

project coordinator

Web Design Blog

Is Facebook All You Need for Your Online Presence?

Is Facebook All You Need for Your Online Presence?

The Big Question… You decide to start your own business, hooray! You’ve tackled all of the necessary challenges to get started. You’re up and running, and have a local reputation built up. People know you, people trust you. But, you have one major issue that’s holding...

Website FAQs

I want to get more clarity about your services and fees beyond hosting.

WordPress Maintenance includes the hosting, support and licenses on preferred products.

Is training included

No, but we do include both a basic set of video tutorials and Divi tutorials to help you learn. We are also glad to help answer any questions or find video tutorials for you. 

How does maintenance work?

 WordPress maintenance is sold in 1/2 hour units, to do whatever you want. We will do our best to estimate as we go, so small tasks are ok. If you believe you need more help we have a $250/month maintenance plan that includes 3 hours per month. This will put you on a budget and includes any website changes, additions, SEO, lead capture, etc.

Why don't I need an SSL certificate and will the site be http: or https:?

You no longer need to renew your SSL license. Our managed WordPress hosting includes a free SSL certificate for every website. You website will be https://

Can I point or redirect other domain names to my website?

Yes, and there are two options here. You can point the A record to our IP address but you need to provide us a list of domain names. You can also "forward" your domain name to your primary domain name.

Do you provide FTP access?

No, we don't normally provide FTP access, specifically to the production server, however, given some time we could set this up for you. We can also offer you a development area so that you can push new designs from development to production without FTP access.

How often do you run upgrades?

We upgrade everything everyday, including WP core, DB, themes, plugins, and PHP. NOTE: any modifications to Theme or plugins files will be overwritten.

What else does your WordPress Maintenance include?

Hosting! And, we run back ups daily, clean/optimize weekly, scan for viruses weekly and have two uptime monitors on every website

How do you deliver emails from forms?

We use a third party service called Sendgrid to deliver emails from forms.

Can I transfer my website to another hosting company?

Yes, and we will help you. However, we own all licenses to themes and plugins which are not transferrable.

Does it cost anything to launch or migrate my website?

We have a full quality checklist for every website we make live. If our assistance is needed then you need to book an appointment from the website. There is a minimum 2 hour charge for launching a website either from development or another server.

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