Performance is how fast your website can download, aka speed. Accessibility is both how easy the website is to read/use and Search engine optimization, and SEO. Engagement is the call to action, button placement, and offer.

How do you get the 1.4 leads per month number? I probably get 5 to leads per month now from the website. (I logged in to your website, looked at the website form entries and counted the number of legitimate leads for the last 6 months then calculated the average. So, I did not count phone calls that you received from the website.)
How do you tweak those three items to get this increase in leads? (we use a combination of website analysis tools then make small corrections over time to increase effectiveness)
What are the one-time costs for doing this work? (this depends on how much effort you want to make. Initial items may take 1 to 2 hours. Additional content is by the hour, can be 2 to 3 hours for a new portfolio project, also depends on if we help with the writing and photography.)
What are the ongoing costs of getting these additional leads? (Once your website is attracting high-quality leads then 1 to 2 hours per year can keep the quality where it needs to be. However, if someone else decided to compete in your space then you would be forced to “stay ahead” or keep up with the Jones’.)
How can we target higher-level homes? (Yes, portfolio projects are a great way to do that. Showing your biggest, most valuable projects is a great way to upsell and attract better customers.)
Level Set:

Of the 5 – 6 leads I get from the site; maybe 1 every two months is $12K or higher. (as mentioned… build a Portfolio)
The vast majority of large projects I get are by word of mouth or direct referrals from builders. (referred by question would be good to add to the form, perhaps a reward program for those builders would be good too)
Many of the leads I get from the site are tire kickers or TV hangs (sub $1,000 jobs). (You have several open-ended questions on the website, one of them is budget. You may reduce unwanted leads by changing this question to actual price ranges. Set your minimum budget and state it on the website. This could save you both time and money by not getting those phone calls or leads in the first place.)
How can I use to the site to attract 1 million dollar homes (my real market)? (as mentioned… build a Portfolio. Some professional photos will make all the difference in the world. Swapping some of the images on the home page to show more upscale projects will attract bigger spenders and eliminate the tire kickers at the same time. Michael’s website is a great example of great photography and portfolio. The portfolio is the second most visited page on the website.)
I have no clients I know of that have a home in the $300K range. Most all are over $500K (OK, according to google your customer typically pays 4 to 8% of the value of the home. So, a 500k homeowner at 4% should be spending about 20k for full technology/automation and that is on the low-end. Raise your prices. I hate when people tell me this but I have raised my prices pretty consistently for years. I do this in two ways. I reduce the discount available because I had a high rate, to begin with, or reduce the services included. On the back-end I have consolidated my vendors and moved to unlimited licenses to allow for more profit.)

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