managing your website’s customer experience

We believe your website should

  • make your business more efficient
  • be the center of your marketing strategy
  • tell the story of why you do what you do
  • be effective at attracting and converting visitors

What makes a successful website?

Design, optimization and conversion are the three key components of a successful website that every small business owner should be concerned about in order to grow.

Who we are


Our vision is maintenance free websites, enabling local businesses to thrive and grow.


Our mission is to find websites on the brink of technology disaster and turn them into something successful!


We want to put the power of big business into the hands of everyday business owners.

Our Process

Is a partnership designed to help you become a leader in your own business. We schedule time with you to get your full insight on why, what, and how you run your business.

We work with you to define who your ideal customer is and what information they need to provide you. Then we design your website as a reflection of your business to assist you with collecting and maintaining your customer relationships.

Why choose us for your website?

We use a combination of the best web design tools without limitations, top-notch hosting technology, and proven industry processes, giving you a maintenance free WordPress experience. Our professional service creates the most comprehensive, hassle-free and consolidated billing for WordPress maintenance.

Get fitted with the right combination of WordPress maintenance and managed hosting plans. Using our preferred themes and plugins, we reduce or eliminate website conflicts. Replacing free or unpopular plugins and themes make all the difference to keeping your website up to date, safe and secure.

We understand it is difficult to get in touch with your web designer.  We have been in business for 20 years and plan to keep going. We are building systems and staff to support you and your website for years to come.
We strive to make our local community sustainable through our GiveBack program and volunteer work. we support leaders for tomorrow through BSA Scouts, local businesses,  ministries, and parks. 

Web Design

Layout & Design

Graphics, Photography, Layout, and Quality Content


Speed, Searchability, and Accessibility



Call To Actions, Qualified Leads, and Email Automation

Mobile Ready

Every page, post, and project scales to fit tablet and phone browsers, making your website convenient to access.


Every website is configured for basic accessibility creating an easier to find and easier to use customer experience.




We plan maintenance based on your availability for your convenience.


Site quality, uptime, and rank tracking to measure attraction, conversion, delivery and collections. (ACDC)


We make changes and improvements to the website based on customized reports.

Web Hosting


Constantly managed, professional security prevention and support. Every WordPress is cleaned, secured and protected.


Full daily copies of your website stored off-site and completely restorable.


Standard marketing integrations and add-ons like social media follow/share and SEO.


Weekly cleaning of spam comments, revisions, and database table overhead. Additional cache add-on.

Worry Free

Complete upgrades: PHP, WordPress Core, Database, Theme, and Plugins.


Ticket system with up-time monitoring, break/fix repair, and free plugin installation.

Join in three easy steps!

Book A Free Appointment

Get A Recommendation

Purchase Your Plans

Website Reviews

This team has been consistent with their quick response and answers to all of my crazy business owner questions. We have changes often to our site with the speaker’s information and they are ready to help. 

Jessica Lalley

If you have a WordPress site and are lost (like I get with WordPress!!) David and Shepherds Loft is the place to go. He keeps your data safe, and can work some awesome magic with your site and will help you with anything you need! 

Wendy Miller

…they are managing three different websites of ours. During that time we have experienced improved performance of our website and have received outstanding customer service.

Isaac Lassiter

Shepherds Loft has the best website support I have ever seen. They ensure all the websites they manage are kept updated and provide website modifications in a very timely manner.

Angel Broussard

Our WordPress Maintenance & Management Partners

WordPress Hosting

Our trusted partner for WordPress hosting.

Video Production

Sister company for Video editing, optimization, and hosting.

IT Services

Information technology specialist for email, domain names, and computer networking.

Payment Gateway

Payment processing including high risk industries

Payment Gateway
premium strategic development investment opportunities

Website FAQs

I want to get more clarity about your services and fees beyond hosting.

WordPress Maintenance includes the hosting, support and licenses on preferred products.

Is training included

No, but we do include both a basic set of video tutorials and Divi tutorials to help you learn. We are also glad to help answer any questions or find video tutorials for you. 

How does maintenance work?

 WordPress maintenance is sold in 1/2 hour units, to do whatever you want. We will do our best to estimate as we go, so small tasks are ok. If you believe you need more help we have a $250/month maintenance plan that includes 3 hours per month. This will put you on a budget and includes any website changes, additions, SEO, lead capture, etc.

Why don't I need an SSL certificate and will the site be http: or https:?

You no longer need to renew your SSL license. Our managed WordPress hosting includes a free SSL certificate for every website. You website will be https://

Can I point or redirect other domain names to my website?

Yes, and there are two options here. You can point the A record to our IP address but you need to provide us a list of domain names. You can also “forward” your domain name to your primary domain name.

Do you provide FTP access?

No, we don’t normally provide FTP access, specifically to the production server, however, given some time we could set this up for you. We can also offer you a development area so that you can push new designs from development to production without FTP access.

How often do you run upgrades?

We upgrade everything everyday, including WP core, DB, themes, plugins, and PHP. NOTE: any modifications to Theme or plugins files will be overwritten.

What else does your WordPress Maintenance include?

Hosting! And, we run back ups daily, clean/optimize weekly, scan for viruses weekly and have two uptime monitors on every website

How do you deliver emails from forms?

We use a third party service called Sendgrid to deliver emails from forms.

Can I transfer my website to another hosting company?

Yes, and we will help you. However, we own all licenses to themes and plugins which are not transferrable.

Does it cost anything to launch or migrate my website?

We have a full quality checklist for every website we make live. If our assistance is needed then you need to book an appointment from the website. There is a minimum 2 hour charge for launching a website either from development or another server.

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