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Why Professional Email?

It says everything about you and your business when you own a branded, professional email with your domain name.

Preferred Professional Email Providers

Google Workspace

We help you set up professional email accounts for your Business with Google Workspace. Google Workspace emails work best with businesses who book scheduled appointments through their website.

Microsoft 365 Email and Products

We help you set up professional email accounts with Microsoft Office products. Businesses that have or prefer to use Windows computers benefit from the additional security services available.

Common Email Questions

My Mailchimp email is being blocked, what do I do?

Most likely, when emails are being blocked while using a newsletter software like Mailchimp, means that the newsletter software has not been verified with your Domain Name at the DNS level. Please notify us if this happens to you.

Why am I not getting email from my website form?

There are many steps involved in sending an email from your website and receiving it in your email box. Having a professional email address that matches your domain name is a key component to making email delivery work. For a complete explanation see our article. on Professional Email, Great Email Delivery Depends On It

Do you provide device support for professional email accounts?

No, not directly, however, our partner Sherweb does provide technical support for devices, mobile and desktop via phone and email. Phone Support: 1 (888) 567-6610

Why can't I upgrade, add or remove email accounts and products?

Because we manage, add, remove, and upgrade your professional email accounts and products for you. We are a reseller and consolidate your billing through our website. We will manage your Google and Microsoft accounts and products then adjust your billing on our website for you.

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