Lomonaco Log Homes Website

building a waterfront home process

Log Home Builder Website

Client Ron

Date April 2019

Skills Web Design, Content Development and Keyword Strategy for SEO

Products Sales Letter, Business Plan and SEO

Tags #webdesign #homebuilderwebsites #HTMLtoWordPress

Sales Letter Style Home Page 

Ron was starting a new business and want to get to market quickly. After a few meetings and discussions we learned he had a special interest in building log homes near water. This formed our strategy for marketing and search engine rankings.


Log Home Builder Portfolio

The best way to show Ron’s log home building skills is with photography. The web design allows the user to hover over the amber tinted images to reveal full color images.

log home exterior photos
whistlestop and coosawattee river resort

Log Home Builder Community Information

Ron’s home builder website highlights the communities that he builds log homes in. This helps his readers know a little more about the area and helps Ron build a better rankings for his website.

Log Home Building Process

The counters are a great way to graphically communicate the simplified log home build process for the buyer on the home page of the website.

how to process
waterfront areas like lakes, rivers and creeks

Waterfront Information 

The home builder website uses an accordion to show and hide local waterfront information about lakes, rivers and creeks. The show and hide functionality keeps the website looking clean while providing lots of valuable information for the readers and search engines.

Waterfront Keyword density

SEO - Keyword Strategy

We helped Ron, re-write the content on the home builder website for the optimal keyword density. We also optimized the images for speed as well as search engines. 

Log Home Build Process Page

The process page explains what the buyer needs to know.

The web design uses moving background images as you scroll down the page, revealing more of the image as the visitor scrolls down.

The “Get Started” button at the bottom provides the user a change to engage with the website and request services. 

lengthy form designed to qualify the customer

Qualifying Leads

The “Get Started” button at the bottom of each page links back to a form specifically designed to gather all the information that Ron needs to build an estimate.

The form, while lengthy, gathers information to help determine if the customer is a good fit for him.


David Grubb

David Grubb

Business owner and entrepreneur, David Grubb started Shepherds Loft in 2000 with a couple of friends. Now, after over 20 years, he has enjoyed helping hundreds of business owners with their business.

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