Website Change Request

Before our call, please provide us with as much information as possible. On the call we will review your request together.

Sherweb Support: 1 (888) 567-6610 If you are having issues with Microsoft or Google products or services except for domain names please call Sherweb support.

Your Shepherds Loft Account

Maintenance is considered billable hours where we add, edit, or delete something on your website either by your request or to improve the website. Maintenance may also include programming and configuring website software to work, also known as integration.
Managed hosting is hosting, licensing, and break/fix support service. Break/fix includes fixing errors to functionality but does not include rebuilding whole pages or websites due to outdated code. We strive to keep all code up to date on a daily basis.
Web design is also billable time packaged and sold as a group of hours for web design work.
Please visit our Terms and Conditions page for a full list of details.

How do I update my billing information?

1. Visit the Shepherds Loft “My Account” page:
2. Login
3. On the left click “Payment Methods”
4. On the right Click “Add Payment Method”

How to Switch Shepherds Loft Plans?

1. Login by clicking My Account
2. Click on Subscriptions
3. Click the button “Switch Subscriptions”
4. Add a quantity of “1” in the gray box next to the service you want to switch to.
5. Click “Proceed to Checkout”

How do I cancel my Shepherds Loft Account?

We understand if you would like to move your website.
To formalize your website move please fill out the following form to cancel your payments:
NOTE: The form contains instructions for your website that you will need to follow.

Can I get a get refund?

Unused billable hours for web design and maintenance are refundable. Purchased hours may accumulate over time and do not expire.
Shepherds Loft may use maintenance hours to improve the quality, speed, SEO, and accessibility of a website.
Used web design hours, maintenance hours, and managed hosting are not refundable.
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