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Weekend WordPress Support Specialist (Part-time Contractor) CLOSED

We are looking for help with support and maintenance through our support queue, content changes/updates, for customers. We want someone who provides value to our customers and is highly motivated to help our customer’s grow their business by being enthusiastic and following up quickly.

Hours of Operation
Check the support queue at least once in the morning between 9 and 11am Eastern time then at least once in the afternoon between 1 and 3pm. You will be paid for your time to complete any tickets that you pick up. Your time and the time purchased by the customer must match. If the customer has agreed to pay us by using the support form, then we will ask the customer to pay the exact hours it took you to complete the work.

The minimum time to the customer to complete a ticket is 1/2 hour or 1 unit charged on our website. Customers that have made requests without using the support form will be asked to pay upfront. Your job is to estimate the task and request payment on our website from the customer. We have canned responses for to help you.

We encourage you to make suggestions to the customers on how they can improve their website or business in an encouraging and positive manner but not using scare tactics. At this time we cannot pay you to make these suggestions. However, this will increase the number of maintenance requests, giving you more hours to work. Also, if you are able to do this on a consistent basis, more than 60 days, we will be glad to increase your hourly rate.

We do have many services available for up-sale and will be identifying customers on a product by product basis then adding them to our automated marketing. This is also a way you can be helpful. Identify customers who’s website is slow, needs a design uplift, SEO, etc. then notify us by adding a “Private Note” so we can add them to the automated marketing system.

Use our canned responses, solutions and a simple google search to answer Questions and “How to’s” from customer’s to minimize cost. Also, over charging customers or taking too long to complete tasks in a timely manor is grounds for dismissal. If there is a complaint, dispute about hours with a customer, or quality of work you are asked to re-assign the ticket immediately to the administrator. We want to work the problem and craft responses.

Payments and Bonuses

You will earn a minimum 1/2 hour per day for checking the support queue but you will get paid by your total hours per day in 1/4 hour increments.
As our business grows, I would like to offer you an opportunity to make more money as well.You will get a $20 bonus for every customer that you respond to, who leaves a social review (that has not already) on Facebook or Google+. We have canned responses that you may use to make your work faster and consistent.You will get a $5 bonus for every ticket completed on a weekend or national U.S. holiday.

You will either be assigned a maintenance ticket requested by the customer manually or automatically. Our support queue dispatch’r can automatically assign you a ticket if the customer has used our support form and agreed to pay us for services, do it immediately.

We do have a night shift. Any tickets not picked up or completed during the day will be re-assigned at night. If you start a ticket and the customer has changes then you will be expected to finish by making the changes/adjustments requested.


How often do I get paid?
You paid every Monday. You must submit your invoice via paypal by 8am Eastern time Monday morning.
Do I get paid extra for weekends and Holidays?
Yes, you get paid a bonus for working support on weekends and Holidays.
What if there are no support tickets to work?
You get paid the minimum number of hours each day and a bonus on top of that for each Holiday and weekend that you work support.
What is considered a weekend?
Saturday is the only weekend day that we are open. We are closed on Sunday.
What if Saturday is a Holiday?
You will get paid the higher minimum number of hours plus the bonus. However, if the Holiday is Christmas then we are closed.

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