Shepherds Loft Work Schedule

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Shepherds Loft will be closed for Christmas, Dec. 20th – 24. Our normal office hours are 9 to 5 pm daily. We strive to prevent websites from ever going down so that you can rest easy. And, we can too, on the weekends. 🙂 We monitor the status of every website and now right away if there is a problem.

For website changes, you may book an appointment or fill out our website change request form on our website which will help you provide the required details.

Business Partner News

MBTpro is now offering bill consolidation for those small but highly important items like domain name, email, and DNS support. There are so many of these small payments but they are critical to your business operation.

MBTpro has tried it both ways but they understand how important it is to keep your domain name renewed and retain ownership at the same time. They are striving to do both, keep your services going and make it easy for you so that your website and email stay online.

Two New Website Additions Available

In 2021 Shepherds Loft discovered some new plugins that will really help your business schedule appointments and create events on your website. Both of these new plugins work exceptionally well with your website, increasing your effectiveness, and customer satisfaction.

1) Appointment Scheduling Website Addition

select date and time for meetings

Adding the Simply Schedule Appointments to your website allows you to

  • avoid back-and-forth emails trying to find a meeting time with clients
  • sync it with your personal schedule on Google Calendar to figure out your availability
  • work with an experienced team to set up your booking calendars
calendar designs colors to match your brand

All you need to do to add Simply Schedule Appointments to your website is book an appointment with us. We will set it up for you with your assistance, access to your email is required for the integration. NOTE: Your website must at least be on the Business managed hosting or higher.

the schedule works with other technology

2) Events Website Addition

past events web design layout with images

For hosting events on your website, we had been waiting for a plugin that would really work with Divi, which is what your website is built with. Divi Events is made to work with the software that we used to design and build your website. Now, we can design and build events for you the same way we design and build pages.

upcoming events web design layout

To add Divi Events to your website you must be on at least the Enterprise managed hosting plan or higher. If your website is already on the Enterprise managed hosting plan then book an appointment to start adding events.

Business Networking

Georgia Builder Association Logo

The Georgia High Country Builders Association hosted their first-ever social event Monday, Dec. 6th and it was a success. With 13 sponsors and builder members, everyone had fun throwing hatchets.

Shepherds Loft has joined the NAHB organization as an Associate member. I, David Grubb, founder and owner of Shepherds Loft, have been accepted as a board member and will be sworn in during January. As an association, we are planning quarterly social events and several fundraisers for 2022.

I invite you to join us at any event this coming year and get involved.

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