Wendy’s My Magnolia Manor Website Story

Customer introduction “Hi! So, my name’s Wendy Miller, and I had a vision about a blog that I wanted to start. Mostly a food blog, and ideas on life. So I started on my own track, and I went down…it’s called Magnolia Manor and I tried to create it in WordPress...

Panorama Orchards

#websitestory#presson#htmltoWordPress Subscribe for more small business website design and management. @pressable @eventsreplay @shepherdsloft @elegantthemes Synopsis: Shepherds Loft converts a 2009 flash and html to WordPress with filterable recipes making a simple...

WordPress Performance Tips

Less bells and whistles is more #WordPressPerformance #SpeedUpWordPress Better design, faster production, and easier development has led to poor WordPress performance. This article is designed to show you 29 tips for optimizing the speed of your WordPress website.  ...
Thanksgiving WordPress Transfer Discount

Thanksgiving WordPress Transfer Discount

Your website is important to your business. Getting good hosting and service for your website is not always easy. We are a local business here in Georgia that wants to see other small business succeed. If you have a WordPress website then visit us...
Tips for First Time Website Owners

Tips for First Time Website Owners

Tips for building your first web site! One of the best experiences in life is starting your own business. You learn a lot about business, people, finances, and advertising/marketing. When starting up a small business, most of the time there is very little if any...

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