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After 20 years of business building websites, I’ve learned that there are three master components to building a successful business website. Those components are design, optimization, and conversion.

So, each one of these components is very important as a whole because each one contributes to the quality of the website attracting good customers, and qualifying them with follow-ups.

1) Website Design – the first master component for a successful business website

The first component, design, is crucial for a successful business website because you really want to communicate to your customer that you have a quality website and that you offer a quality service.

When you have a great-looking website your business is communicating to the customer that you are going to deliver quality service.

A) Professional branding for business website design

So the website design needs to be thorough from your branding to the colors on the page, all the way to the crispness of the images and the cinematic of the video.

All of those components contribute to a great-looking website for your business. So again that’s your images, video, and logo. In addition, the quality of content that you put on the page is important.

B) Quality Content for website design

You want to educate your customers by having FAQs and supplying some testimonials that allow them to understand how other people have received the services that you’re offering.

So, from the top, the content you’re going to cover is why, what, and how. How is important to communicate psychologically, allowing the customer to make that decision to purchase the services or the products. Then give them testimonials, social recommendations as well as frequently asked questions.

All of these components from the imagery, the branding, and the content make up a great quality design for a successful business website.

2) Website Optimization – the second master component for a successful website

The next component is optimization which has three key features: Speed, Searchability, and Accessibility.

A) Website Speed – the first attribute of website optimization

The first one is just straight-up speed. When you optimize your images and scale them to the right size and you compress them then you’re getting the speed that you need for the business website to load fast.

B) Website Searchable Results – the second attribute of website optimization

The next one is for search engines. When you put alt tags on your images and use your heading tags then you’re optimizing your business website for the search engines. Also, when you’re doing a keyword search, optimizing the keyword density for that page, you’re optimizing for the search engines.

C) Website Accessibility – the third attribute of website optimization

The third component is accessibility. A lot of accessibility creates or helps make your page searchable in search engines.

1) make your images website accessible

Accessibility includes using your heading tags example h1, h2, and h3 but it also includes the alt tags as well.

2) create contrast on fonts for website accessibility

The contrast is something you normally don’t think of. But, the contrast between the letters and the background is another thing that makes the website accessible; it makes things easy to read.

For instance, having a light, small 11-point text that’s gray on a white background is not very readable so you’re making it difficult for your customers to read your business website when if you use a larger font with a darker color you would create more contrast

So again the optimization is made up of those components between accessibility, speed, and searchability so that’s what makes up a real true optimization package for a successful business website.

3) Website Conversion – the third key component for a successful website

The third component of a great successful business website is customer conversion. The conversion is even more than that it’s also the follow-ups. So there are several steps here.

A) “How to” – the first attribute of website conversion

One is when a customer first visits your business website you need to have the psychological triggers there, for instance, it’s easy to purchase our services. You can do this by having a “how-to” aka. step one, two, and three. This always helps the customer think in their mind “okay, I can do this!” They know that “I can purchase this service or this product and I can get it.”.

B) Qualify – the second attribute of website conversion

The next step is on the marketer side. On the qualification form, you want to make the customer feels like they’re getting something of value. So when you ask enough questions on a form then you’re acquiring enough information. The customer is giving enough information so that they’re going to expect something of quality in return. So qualifying your customers is very important.

C) Automation – the third attribute of website conversion

The next step is that you want to automatically reply to that customer with the information that they’ve provided to confirm their submission. So automated responses are good but there are two different paths here.

1) Selling Services

One path is if you’re qualifying a customer which makes them a prospect. Then you can also have follow-up emails to book an appointment which would give them a touchpoint.

Typically, you can use a CRM for this process to guide them through the sales process to get them on board to convert them into a customer. Once you convert them into a customer then there’s a purchase point and that can be done either through the website or offline.

2) Selling Products

If they’re purchasing a product then you can have automated email follow-ups: one day, two days, or three days, coming from the e-commerce system.

This is going to encourage them, the customer, maybe you’ve got a follow-up to a purchase that they made or maybe they’ve purchased something small that’s kind of a lead-in or a teaser product then they can get an immediate email to purchase something bigger at a discount.

D) List Building – the fourth attribute of website conversion

So again you’re building that trust for the customer. The last component of the custom conversion is really putting all the customers from all the different ways that they interact with your website into a  single list like Mailchimp. You can build your list in at least three different ways.

1) Using Pop Ups for listing building

One way is to have a pop-up on the website they can subscribe to get a coupon for what you’re offering

2) Using forms for listing building

Number two is when they fill out that customer qualification form then you’re automatically putting them on the list as well.

3) Syncing your shopping cart system for listing building

And lastly, you can sync up your Woo-commerce products with your Mailchimp.

So, now you’ve got three different ways that you funneled the customer into a master list.

Why is Website Conversion so important?

Honestly, if you are not selling or qualifying customers with your business website then you are not getting the return on investment from your website that you should.

Successful Business Website Conclusion

These three components: the design, the optimization, and the customer conversion all contribute to having a successful business website; that’s going to not just serve your audience a bit of information or serve as a brochure website.

A successful business website is going to help you conduct your business. It’s going to help automate your business to the point where you are cultivating your customers, building trust, and converting them into long-term customers.

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David Grubb
David Grubb

Business owner and entrepreneur, David Grubb started Shepherds Loft in 2000 with a couple of friends. Now, after over 20 years, he has enjoyed helping hundreds of business owners with their business.

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