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Shepherds Loft performs an HTML to WordPress conversion for a construction website into a new colorful Cajun-style WordPress that is a secure and mobile-ready website with video interviews for the blog.

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Customer Introduction

My name is Tony Balfa and I have a business Cajun Mason in Ellijay that I had for like forty three years and I do anything out of brick blocking and stone work. I do block foundations, block buildings, brick houses…

driving to a home builder subdivision

HTML to WordPress Project

Hello there, I am David Grubb, founder of Shepherds Loft. It was really great to meet Tony, the owner of Cajun Masonry. We are rebuilding his website, converting from HTML to WordPress, to accomplish 3 things: 

  • Highlight Tony’s passion for masonry
  • Show examples of completed projects
  • Generate leads

Tony wants the website to visually communicate his Cajun roots by having bright colors and crafty fonts.

So the team is going to get started, while I go onsite to see some of Tony’s work.

Customer Story

I did this fireplace here, years ago, about eight years ago, here in this subdivision. They want them to look a hundred years old, the old look and the houses and this is one of the very few subdivisions in Ellijay that they have nice old antique brick houses here. 

Web Design Review

Now that I’ve had the chance to see Tony’s masonry work in person, let’s see how the shepherds loft team did on the website.

Home page

We used bright blue and yellow colors across the top of the website. The image of a stone chimney and hearth is overlaid with text. The text overlay describes Tony’s passion for masonry, the perfect finish to your dream home. The text is followed by a contact button which links to a form that generates leads for Tony.

cajun masonry website screen shot
Home page with a full image background.

Scrolling down the page you can see the different types of masonry work that Tony does: Walkways, Driveway Columns, Patios, and Fireplaces.

call to action footer
Footer call to call to action on the bottom of all the pages.

Showcase page

The Showcase page highlights Tony’s best brick, block, and stone masonry work.


Go look at Tony’s blog with exciting video interviews. Tony revisits some of his favorite projects and tells you what makes them unique.

website blog page
blog page with videos

WordPress Management Services

Tony signed up for our Basic plan, which includes management, support and hosting. is now secure and mobile ready. Tony’s website is now using the Divi Theme from Elegant Themes, a very powerful drag and drop web design builder.

Now that the website is completed, let’s hear what Tony has to say about the brand new website.

Customer Story and Recommendation

“I’ve been here and I had a website that was built for me back then and these people were quitting their website the first of the year and I was looking for another website but I wanted someone that I could speak to and talk to in person and not computers and so what happened I knew him from many years ago we had uh we were in Ellijay in the office next to each other and uh I didn’t know at a time they had website and my whole website owner told me about him and I loved it because uh I could see someone in person I didn’t care to04:14pay or what he calls I wanted someone that I could speak in person and uh04:19thank God that I knew him and worked out he was quick-witted and got it and uh it looks great on ayah because I get half of my work is 50% word to mountain 50% Internet and I was just so pleased to have someone from elevated could do my website and uh its own now and is it case it looks good he does a good job” says Tony Balfa.

cajun musician

“Well and then on my also Cajun musician I played with one of the it was called the Balfa brothers I played all over the world with my dad and uncles they were one of the first groups to bring Cajun music out of Louisiana in 1967 to Newport Rhode Island and my dad was a Mason my dad was a Cajun musician it was very proud of the heritage and they wanted to they traveled and they spread their culture.

Cajuns they didn’t want it to die and my uncle was Dewey Balfa who was the Cajun fiddle ambassador of Louisiana’s spokesmen on Cajun culture and I was his rhythm man I play any instrument in Cajun music play drums guitar a bass accordion fiddle triangle spoons fiddle sticks and we traveled the world and played president’s inauguration balls Nixon Reagan’s and they all passed away and I ended up in Ellijay about 2003.” says Tony Balfa.

Thank You!

  • Thank you Tony for all the great stories!
  • Thank you to our sponsor, Pressable, for hosting and supporting our clients.
  • Thank you to the team for a job well done.
  • And thank you to our video guy Will at Events Replay
  • Stay tuned for next episode of website stories with small business owners. 
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